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Dr. Deland changed my life. After receiving my first ankle replacement in 1977 at age 29, I had continual pain for years. At age 67, I was barely able to walk. I chose Dr. Deland to perform my second replacement at Hospital for Special Surgery. It was the best decision I ever made. I experienced little to no pain and am now able to enjoy my daily activities. I decided not to retire as I am now able to work every day at my construction company. I have the deepest respect and praise for Dr. Deland.

Frank – Total Ankle Replacement

On July 3rd, 2014, I had a bunionectomy done by Dr. Deland after delaying my surgery for many years because I was looking for the right time and the right surgeon. I was referred to Dr. Deland by one of my staff. My surgery was successful and I am very pleased.

Hannah – Bunionectomy

After being diagnosed with PTT, I had been told by three orthopedic (and one podiatric) foot and ankle surgeons that they could not help me and that I would be unable to walk within two years.  When I found Dr. Deland, I was tremendously relieved to see that PTT is a principal research interest for him and that he has developed surgical procedures through many years to achieve successful results.

I traveled across the country for my initial appointment.  He explained in detail what he could do surgically to renew my ability to walk.  I am deeply indebted to him for his depth of knowledge, diagnostic skills, surgical innovations and expertise which have provided me with the gift of being able to walk well.  I also appreciate his clear and thorough explanation in response to all of my questions as well as his dedication and concern for his patients.  I am grateful for the profound difference Dr. Deland’s surgery and care have made in my life.

Marilyn – Flatfoot Reconstruction

I feel 10 years younger! Dr. Deland is a compassionate, extraordinary surgeon. Within 7 months , I’ve met Dr. Deland, had a successful  total ankle replacement and skied on seven occasions. I ski, walk, bike, swim, and sleep pain free. Just awesome. I believe I had a successful T.A.R. because of Dr. Deland’s remarkable, awesome, practical talent. I will recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Deland.

Marie – Total Ankle Replacement

I recently had total ankle replacement surgery by Dr. Jonathan Deland.  During the planning time for the operation, Dr. Deland called me twice on a Sunday to talk about my concerns regarding the operation.  Although the immediate recovery in the hospital was a bit difficult, once I got home my recovery went smoothly.  After three weeks there was no need for pain medication and I am now starting physical therapy 4 weeks out of surgery, and I am not in pain.  I can’t say enough about Dr. Deland’s staff.  They are professional but also thoughtful and concerned with my recovery.  I would suggest Dr. Deland to any of my friends.

Craig – Total Ankle Replacement

Since 2008 I had been suffering from severe and disabling left ankle pain that markedly limited my ability to walk or even stand up for a few minutes. We visited Cairo, Egypt along with my friends, but sad to state that I looked at the Pyramids only from the car.

I was becoming sad, depressed and taking many tablets of Tylenol or Nonsteroidals. A pain specialist, when consulted advised me to go on narcotic pain killers that included a patch for daily use. Her recommendation was to increase the dose of pain killers as needed.

It was then my husband, a physician, identified Dr. Jonathan Deland as an outstanding orthopedician with special expertise in surgical treatment of ankle injuries at Hospital for special Surgery.

Our choice of Dr. Deland and the hospital was well rewarded. Dr. Deland was very professional, kind and caring. Many refuse to believe, that a nine hour surgery was needed to reconstruct my badly deformed ankle with many nails and bolts. Despite being away on vacation, Dr Deland, everyday called me on phone enquiring about my progress. Hospital for Special Surgery is special to us. Everyone at the hospital deserves praise.

After a long post operative rehabilitation I became almost normal with absolutely no need now to take any pain killers. I am able to do all my daily activities with enthusiasm. Importantly, I am pleased to state that I am able to enjoy the company of my grandchildren without any constant pain. I believe I have gained back a few years of my life. Thanks to DR Deland and coworkers.

Prema – Flatfoot Reconstruction

I was fortunate, 3-4 years ago, to be introduced to Dr. Deland via Dr. Robert Speira [Rheumatologist-NY] I discussed my ankle problem which had come about from many years of degenerative Psoriatic Arthritis. When I had the operation for Total Ankle Replacement [TAR] a year ago, I was in constant pain-sometimes excruciating, had difficulty walking, using stairs etc. My “quality of life’ was significantly affected…Now I can go up and down stairs normally, have not only played golf but went to a PGA tournament and walked constantly for 3-4 hours! Life is great! Dr. Deland, including Kristine and all of the staff at HSS in the Foot and Ankle Group are incredible–patient, professional, thorough…the Best of the Best.

Michael – Total Ankle Replacement

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